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    Youtube issue?

    Can someone let AT know that I had a really hard time finding his latest video Untitled episode about nerdy stuff. The only way I found it was through the Anti website itself.
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    The Cloaking Device

    OK I know the drink uses bacardi hurricane.What is the other ingredient? Thinking about trying it.
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    Theological discussion golem picard

    OK I have been thinking.This is more or less a way to collect my thoughts and ideas . Point 1 perhaps the soul could be transferred via the mind meld which one of the synths was apparently capable of spock. Point 2 whatever reason is found to allow Golem-Picard to have a soul...
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    Theological discussion golem picard

    This sounds fantastic,I am really looking forward to this. I am hoping the anti trekker himself can do something on this as well. I found his response to the picard soul question quite ...dismissive and if we could convince him well...woooohooo. thanks for the help.
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    Theological discussion golem picard

    The reason it even came to me as an issue is Golem Picard. I am trying to rationalize how his soul would be transferred to the golem. It is my hope there will be some interconnection with transporters to explain the soul being transferred there.The fact that it has never been explored is also a...
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    Theological discussion golem picard

    Thanks for the reply. Hopefully there is a way to reconcile teleporters and a persons soul. I shudder to think that anyone who has teleported has no soul.
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    Theological discussion golem picard

    Hey all first post here. Ok first off i love your channel. I just started playing doom as well and i would say you are doing fine. My alias on YouTube is mortimusmaximus. The reason I'm writing is the questions the finale raised for me as a Christian. Now I've already gone thru the whole...
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