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  1. Tburg Scififan

    The TNG'ers flat perspective of the Earthly Submariner

    This ended up in the Trekyards FB queue. I can imagine this is how a TNG person would view the USS Trepang based on historical Youtube videos:
  2. Tburg Scififan

    Happy Valentines Day!
  3. Tburg Scififan

    Expanse Season 4: Towing the Barbo

    All I can say is: That is SOOOO Space Engineers! Gotta love it. Was worth the wait!
  4. Tburg Scififan

    Was having bad day, then this reminded me of Birdoprey5

    Boat broke down 10 min out from cottage. 2 hour tow in. The local barge company landed a fuel truck and was picking up a dumptruck. But the driver backed up too far.. Bird landing! Barge co now providing submarine service!
  5. Tburg Scififan

    For BirdoPrey5

    I understand you had a really bad day on Earth yesterday. So here's a calming peaceful image from my lake to yours.Build better, build stronger. Today is a good day to try/fly/die/cry/mmm pie. Hang in there, you'll make it!
  6. Tburg Scififan

    My new lake base

    A new island base where Bird won't find me.
  7. Tburg Scififan

    What's the flashing beacon for BirdoPrey5?

    I see a flashing beacon at the Beta crash site. Looks like someone welding at night. Is there a laser on that beacon? Lasers lasers everywhere.
  8. Tburg Scififan

    The In-Gene-uity within the writings of Roddenberry

    Gene Roddenberry had a unique approach to writing and science fiction. The shows guided by his hand had a distinct success (if not at airtime, in syndication). After his death his wife Majel found unfinished manuscripts which she released for the basis of a couple of syndicated shows. The...
  9. Tburg Scififan


    I hope y'all like Dolly Parton.. Star trek alumni abound tonight. Go Orville!
  10. Tburg Scififan

    Public Service Announcement

    Just posting a PSA looking for a missing person:
  11. Tburg Scififan

    The Orville vs Discovery

    Wow.. I think the Orville seriously wants the keep the Star Trek crown and take no prisoners. Damn great episode. Rise of the Gorb! To anyone who called Orville a sick parody and Seth a hack.. well.. frel you! Perhaps we should count Discovery out either.. the season ain't over for either of...
  12. Tburg Scififan

    What would you do with a ship, a crew and a few captains?

    I had this pop up in my Facebook.. and my first thought was "Captain Foley's going to hate these nacelles". The second was "Damn, Mr. and Mrs. Anti-Trekker deserve a real vacation.. I wonder if they like boats?". Maybe someone will have a contest with a pair of tickets as a prize? (lights a...
  13. Tburg Scififan

    A Trekyard original- Disco s2 e5

    What do you call Section 31's stealth technology? #DietCloak!
  14. Tburg Scififan

    This vs Lore Reloaded

    I saw this today and I thought whoa.. this'd make a great superchat.. especially with the turd on SMG's head! But could it beat any Lore vids? You decide!
  15. Tburg Scififan


    This disco discussion is going to be bat shyte crazy. Guaranteed you will have to watch it twice. Spoiler, you will experience the Guiness World Record for fastest and greatest retcon. Call it fan-latio...
  16. Tburg Scififan

    Something to cleanse the palpatine er palate

    Got a bad taste of Discovery in your mouth? Can't shake the JJ verse from your canon? Grab your guitar, let your hair down and just enjoy 6 and a half minutes of classic rock hilarity a la Star Wars. I think Yoda's message at the end rings true. Peace and rock on scifi friends.
  17. Tburg Scififan

    Random funniness

    In all the times I've watched TNG I missed the line "Master Barclay will spank you if you misbehave".. random clips out of context!
  18. Tburg Scififan

    Poll question

    Mrs. Foley coined a golden comment that has to be shared. While perusing the Captain's image database, she said "Let's see how much titty is mixed in with your nacelles?". So, how much titty do YOU have mixed in with your nacelles? Percentage wise, if you post a pic keep it clean LOL
  19. Tburg Scififan

    An alternative train of thought on science, universe, history, mythology and human existence

    Expanding from AT's live chat today. If you are open minded, there is another universe model that has proof where gravitational models make imaginary particles. It also pulls in catastrophes, human history, solar history and is feasible. It's called the Electric Universe (EU) theory The...
  20. Tburg Scififan

    And so it begins..

    (Pours Maple Syrup nanites into the thread) Captain Foley and Trekyards forever eh? Now you have your Canadian content covered! Cheers. Congrats on a nice website!
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