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    Discussion: What qualifies Worf to be DS9's Strategic Operations Officer?

    There is no question that, throughout TNG (+movies) and DS9, Worf is portrayed as a great warrior, with exceptional skill in unarmed and melee combat, and experience as a starship's fire control officer. This is important to the series' for The Worf Effect, to uplift an antagonist's threat when...
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    LegalEagle Reacts to TNG Measure of a Man

    In case this community is interested (and because I don't have privileges to the 'Other Videos' discussion topic), YouTuber LegalEagle breaks down the TNG Measure of a Man from a legal perspective
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    THE BORG series: How much longer will the hiatus be?

    Hopefully, I won't sound like an absolute jackass in this post. I apologize in advance if this post is understood in that way. It was THE BORG series that drew me to Anti-Trekker's channel. Not only because I've loved classic Star Trek since my parents introduced me to it as a child, but also...
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