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Certified Nerds - How to use the section...


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Jan 3, 2019
The purpose of Certified Nerds is to help the true nerd community and those who want to be notified of new content. We all know YouTube doesn't do a great job of alerting people to new videos or new streams. The Anti-Trekker forum can help! If you "Watch" one or more of the creator's individual forums you will get a notification (generally within 10 minutes) of when any of them either upload a video to YouTube or start a live stream.

The best notification to receive is "Push" notifications which you can enable here if you have not done so already. (Scroll down to Push Notifications or see video below.)

Push notifications are not available on iOS (Apple) devices however. For those using iOS, or anyone who prefers, email notifications are also possible. These can be setup here. (Under Content Options - See video below.)

Check out this video on how to use this section for more info.

To be considered for Nerd Certification please have at least 100 subscribers, been active on YouTube (or potentially some other site) at least 30 days, create nerd centric content, and put out new and time sensitive content on a regular basis- multiple times a week preferably. There is work involved for creating each of these sections and while we would love to help everyone the reality is there will need to be some limits. If a long time goes by without new content a section may be hidden until such time it is regularly putting out content. These are of course all guidelines and final decisions lay with the Nerd Council

To be considered please sent details of your channel in a conversation to @BirdOPrey5.
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