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  • Hello all...
    AntiTrekker.com will soon be ending as Salty refocuses his brand. Please continue to visit Salty at his current youtube channel and check out his new Patreon for his upcoming channel: https://www.patreon.com/OnyxandZircon.

    New YouTube Channel: Onyx and Zircon (Not yet active as of 12/6/22)

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Discord Server?

Commander Firetale

New member
Jan 15, 2019

I was active on the old discord Server of Anti/Salty-Trekker, which a few weeks ago was put offline because the owner (which wasn´t Anti/Salty) apparently just decided to do so. Tried to contact Michael over Patreon, but kind of feel like he doesn´t check on his old one.
Is there already an alternative or one being worked on? If not, as I´ve written in a message on Patreon, as I´m an admin for some small/mid sized Discord groups and being experienced in setting them up with roles, bots and everything, would offer to make a new one.
I myself don´t really use forums anymore, and just got reminded of this one because it was in the video description of his last video^^


Staff member
Jan 3, 2019
An alternate Discord is being worked on. Michael has some people testing it now. Look for an updated URL to be posted in a live steam soon. Once it's public I will update it here as well.
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