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Space Engineers Round 3 Urgent Poll

What to do about Round 3?

  • Stop playing Space Engineers and find another game.

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Jan 3, 2019
So round 3 has begun and there have been a lot of bugs, far more than usual. Some people seem to be helped, some people seem to be hurt... People die randomly... Other people appear not to die despite being shot. I myself had zero energy and was still alive a few times. We have no way to fix this. We have 3 choices as Anti-Trekker and I see it and we'd like your opinion.

We ask only those who are currently playing the game, or would be playing the game if not for the problems this round, vote. If you just watch please put your feelings in a comment but do not actually vote.

Thank you.
Jun 6, 2019
My vote was easy. As stated before, a set rules of engagement aka not grinding a ship being built day 1 when forced to build that close to enemy. I'm fine for losing ships in battle etc, I've lost many before and will again. As for the bugs, they are part of the game but a reset of settings may help.
Jan 17, 2019
As just a spectator, watching SE can be very entertaining..when it works. However, it seems to be plagued by issues that AT, Bird, etc. are always having to fix. Also, there have been differing opinions about the rules for various rounds. We've been on SE for awhile, so perhaps at the end of this round would be a good time to move on to another game.
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